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The Industry’s LOWEST Carbon Footprint

December 4, 2020

Optimum Card Solutions is proud to have the gift card printing industry’s LOWEST carbon footprint.

OCS carbon footprint graphic

PBS Frontline Report: Plastic Wars

July 7, 2020

PBS Frontline documentary Plastic Wars reviews the myth of PVC recycling, how oil companies perpetuated
the myth of recycling to sell more PVC, and how PVC waste has become a global epidemic. How can you help
solve this PVC crisis… transition your gift cards to PAPER GIFT CARDS which appear, function, and perform
just like PVC cards.

Increase Customer Engagement With QR Codes

December 11, 2017


Apple has added a feature to new and existing iPhones (with the update to iOS 11) allowing the camera to read QR codes without the need for a 3rd-party app. Just open the camera and point! The QR can finally live up to its name: Quick Response Code.

What does this mean for gift cards? An easy way for brands to bridge print with digital, direct customers to their nearest location, share company or product info or announce an event. Since the gift card is in-hand, consumer engagement has already occurred and the QR code is there to enhance the experience.

Best of all, the code doesn’t take up much real estate. Ask us for a sample card to see for yourself!

Ensuring Successful Gift Card Fulfillment

August 16, 2017

Make your holiday season brighter with better control of your gift card fulfillment.  Whether done in-house or outsourced, an effective program should consider:

  • Historical Data Tracking – Every quantity, serial number, date, version, and tracking number reported for each recipient, so no orders are lost, and fraud cases are easier to investigate.
  • Inventory – Identifying current gift and promotional card inventory levels with associated serial numbers helps determine future card orders, versions, and reinforces sales data integrity.
  • Handling – Determine if it is more cost effective to ship cards to your DC to be fulfilled, or to save the shipping expense and have orders fulfilled through your card production house.
  • Holiday Shipping Strategy – Use historical data to deploy gift card shipments prior to the holidays to avoid delayed shipping times and expedited shipping fees.

If you would like to explore ways to make your unique fulfillment system more efficient, please contact us.  Together, we can ensure your card fulfillment runs smoothly this holiday season and all year round.

Gift Card Production

December 15, 2016

When it comes to paper gift card production, most companies are still using the same equipment originally designed for plastic cards.  Optimum Card Solutions has taken an innovative approach to the entire process from start to finish.

Read on to see how our process compares to the competition.


Gift Cards: PVC vs. Paper Sourcing

November 21, 2016

There’s a lot of talk about sustainability and gift cards, and it all begins with the material chosen to make the cards. This infographic highlights some environmental differences between PVC and FSC® certified paper for you to consider.


Top 5 Reasons for Paper Gift Cards

October 20, 2016

Apple, Google, Amazon, Whole Foods, Chipotle, Best Buy, and Chili’s.  They all have something in common: They use paper gift cards.  They are not alone, either.  The list of brands making the move to paper gift cards is rapidly growing.  Check out the top five reasons why your organization should make the change, too. 5-reasons-to-choose-paper-page-001

Innovation In Action

April 26, 2016

2016 GCN Article Thumbnail

Just In Time Inventory

December 17, 2015

A case study on JIT inventory…

Problem:  A large national casual dining brand was struggling with maintaining proper gift card inventory – especially during the high selling months of November and December.  At times, they found themselves out of stock, resulting in lost sales and high costs to expedite replenishments.  There was no system in place to manage and order new gift card inventory, nor were they interested in adding another system and process to store management’s plate.  Optimum Card Solutions met with brand representatives to discuss their objectives:

  • Eliminate out-of-stock situations
  • Eliminate expedited shipping costs
  • No added systems or processes for ordering
  • A cost-effective solution that is ROI positive within a year

Solution:  Optimum Card Solutions proposed and launched a completely customized Just-in-Time fulfillment solution.  The solution integrated with inventory levels and real-time sales data provided by the brand’s stored value provider.  Minimum stock values were assigned, based upon each store’s sales history, and when those stock levels were reached, the system automatically generated a replenishment order, ensuring arrival in advance of card inventory depletion.  Additionally, there is a secure online reporting module that is user-friendly and provides reports on shipments, tracking numbers, serial number data, shipment dates, inventory adjustment capability and more.

Results:  Since adopting this solution in 2013, it has met and exceeded all key objectives defined by the brand.  In addition, it significantly reduced overall shipping costs, saved a substantial amount on card production costs due to the tighter inventory controls, and eliminated customer service calls about inventory and shipments as a result of the online portal.