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Hot Trend in Gift Cards…SHAPES!

March 30, 2021

Hot Trend In Gift Cards…shapes!

Optimum Card Solutions Offers the Hottest Trend in Gift Card Production – Shapes!

One of the hottest design trends for gift cards is the use of shapes to accent your design and stand out against other gift cards.

Optimum Card’s disruptive patented print technology offers card shapes at a price of just $500 over the standard card cost. This technology makes any size gift card utilizing shaped cards, affordable.  Whereas the traditional print method on PVC for a quality die cut requires an investment of $20,000 or more over the standard card cost for the male/female die cutting dies.

Given the affordable price of a quality die offered by Optimum Card, our retail partners are taking full advantage of this unique print embellishment.

Email or call us today to find out how we can bring SHAPES to your gift card assortment.