Tuesday, September 23, 2014


With the increasing consumer popularity of gift cards, coupled with the explosion of different types of locations where they are sold, retailers and their customers are greatly concerned about increased fraudulent activity. Yet, creative packaging cannot only prevent this potentially profit-damaging activity but can also be used to increase brand linkage to the retailers’ customers. Wanting more options for their gift card packaging, Optimum offers a significant history in paper printing that allows our clients to leverage that experience to greatly enhance their accompanying gift card paper products.

In addition, Optimum has built strategic partnerships with several of the most highly reputable, innovative, and quality paper printers in the industry. These long-standing relationships allow Optimum to work closely with these producers to develop unique product and obtain preferential pricing. By sourcing your paper print needs through Optimum you benefit on product quality, innovation, pricing, uniform color matching of all complimentary items while allowing us to mange the production process on your behalf.

One of the fastest growing sales channels in the gift card industry is third party channels like grocery, drug, and convenience stores.
Optimum has aligned itself with the major providers in this channel, Blackhawk Marketing and Incomm, and currently provides product and services to both providers. Each has unique production and packaging specifications that require accurate packaging, boxing, and labeling of the card product. Optimum is one of the few certified production partner for the Incomm wrap package.

Optimum is well aware of the increase in fraudulent activity in the gift card marketplace. We understand that protecting data on the gift card is paramount to preventing fraud and also promoting consumer confidence.

Optimum has developed several secure package options that we know will securely protect the card, giving retailers and consumers alike confidence that their gift cards are safe, secure, and attractively packaged. Just as important as security and appearance, Optimum has designed security solutions that are cost effective. If you are interested in finding out more about our innovative, cost-efficient array of security package options call us for a personal demonstration to see if we have an effective solutions for your concerns.
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